Speakers since 2005

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Speaker Function
function they had during their last attendance
Yacine AIT KACI Author, film director, artist 2015
Olivier AIZAC Managing director of the website Leboncoin.fr 2013
Eric ALBERT Psychiatrist 2011
Pierre ALLARY Président de Multi Restauration Méditerranée 2015
Stéphane ALLIX Writer, film director, founder of INREES 2015
Claude ALPHANDERY Economist, honorary president France Active 2011
Jean-Claude AMEISEN Doctor, professor of immunology, president of the National Consultative Committee of Ethics 2013
Guy AMSELLEM President, Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine 2013
Christophe ANDRE Psychiatrist 2011
Thomas d' ANSEMBOURG Author, psychotherapist 2013
Marie-Louise ANTONI Conseillère du Président, membre du Comité de Direction Générale chez Generali 2015
Cyril AOUIZERATE Philosopher, town planner, co-founder of Mama Shelter and M.O.B 2013
Gérard APFELDORFER Psychiatrist, psychotherapist on food issues 2011
Yann ARTHUS-BERTRAND Photographer 2007
Jacques ATTALI Writer, president of Positive Planet 2015
Jean AUDOUZE President of the French National Committee for the UNESCO 2013
Isabelle AUTISSIER President of WWF France, Skipper 2015