Speakers since 2005

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Speaker Function
function they had during their last attendance
Matthieu DARDAILLON Founder of Ticket for change 2015
Vincent DAVID Responsible for external relations , Max Havelaar France 2005
Jean-Luc DECORNOY Chairman of the Board of KPMG 2008
Stéphane DEDEYAN Managing director delegate of Generali France 2015
Jean-Paul DELEVOYE Former president of CESE 2015
Philippe DESBROSSES doctor in sciences of environment, expert for the European Commission 2011
Arnaud DESCHAMPS France Division President at Nespresso France 2015
Cyril DION Author, film-director, co-founder of Colibris 2015
Stéphane DISTINGUIN Founder of Fabernovel 2015
Marc DRILLECH Managing Director of IONIS Education Group 2008
Dominique DRON Chief engineer of Les Mines, former president of the interministerial mission of the greenhouse effect 2007
Emmanuel DRUON President of Pocheco 2015
Emmanuelle DUEZ Co-founder of Women'Up and The Boson Project 2015
Antoine DULIN Former National delegate of the Scouts and guides of France, member of the CESE 2015
Xavier DUPORTET CEO at Eligo Bioscience, President at Hello Tomorrow, MIT TR35 Innovator of the Year 2015
Jean-Marc DUVOISIN Chief Executive Officer Nespresso 2015