Speakers since 2005

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Speaker Function
function they had during their last attendance
Nicolas SADIRAC Director of EPITECH (IT and new technologies School) 2008
Muriel de SAINT SAUVEUR Mazars Goup Diversity director 2013
Arnaud de SAINT SIMON President, Groupe Psychologies 2015
Thierry SALOMON Founder of NegaWatt 2011
Jean-Baptiste SANTOUL Managing Director Laundry & Home Care HENKEL FRANCE 2015
Eric SCHERER Director of the prospective, the digital strategy and the international relations linked to the new media of France Télévisions 2013
Blanche SEGRESTIN Professor at Mines ParisTech 2015
Pierre-André SENIZERGUES CEO of Etnies and of Sole Technology 2011
David SERVAN-SCHREIBER Doctor 2005
Jean-Louis SERVAN-SCHREIBER Journalist, essayist, Director of the magazine "Psychologies" 2008
Vandana SHIVA Co-founder of the anti-globalization movement, doctor in quantum physics and in philosophy 2015
Hugues SIBILLE President of the Crédit Coopératif Foundation 2015
Corine SOMBRUN Writer 2015
Carry SOMERS Founder of Fashion Revolution and of Pachacuti 2015
Bert van SON CEO of MUD Jeans 2015
Caroline SOST Director and founder of the Living School 2011
Jean STAUNE 2008
Nathan STERN Sociologist, founder of Peuplade 2008
Michaël STORA Psychologist, president of the Observatory of the digital worlds in human sciences (OMNSH) 2013
Ezra SULEIMAN Professor of Political Sciences, Princeton University 2008
Bertrand SWIDERSKI ‎CSR Director, Group Carrefour 2015
Hapsatou SY Founder of beauty salons Ethnicia, business manager and TV columnist 2013