Earth university

The Earth university, where economy and ecology meet up

Created on François Lemarchand’s initiative, Founder and CEO of Nature & Découvertes, the first Earth university (Université de la terre) was held at UNESCO in November 2005.

Five forums have been held to date, attracting a wide public consisting of thousands of people, with a definite increase in numbers between the three events.

The Earth university is a hub for reflection and discussion – two days in which citizens can find out about and discuss the major issues of society and the environment.

It brings together the vast store of knowledge possessed by business heads, scientists, economists, politicians, religious leaders and sociologists, all of whom are well aware of the major challenges facing our planet. All these experts will be given an opportunity to express their views and share their experience and vision of the world, today and tomorrow.

The Earth university is a forum for exchanges between guest experts and members of the public, who are encouraged to participate in the discussions. Together, they seek to reconcile their respective interests to serve the well being of mankind and preserve ecological equilibriums.