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The 20th
March 14 & 15, 2025
at UNESCO • Paris

Find on our YouTube channel UT TV
the videos of debates and interviews of this
7th edition of the University of the Earth which took place
at UNESCO on November 25 & 26, 2022

Our Youtube channel UT TV

Our speakers since 2005

Speaker Function
Position held at the time of their last attendance
ABADIE Pierre Group Climate Director, Tikehau Capital 2022
ABRAMOVICI Francis General Secretary of the Collège de la Médecine Générale 2022
ACENSI Jean-Philippe President of the Agency for Education through Sport (APELS) and President of the National Association for Social Performance in Sport (ANPSS) 2022
AIT KACI Yacine Author, film director, artist 2015
AIZAC Olivier Managing director of the website 2013
AJALTOUNI Nayla General delegate of the Ethique sur l'étiquette collective 2022
ALBERT Eric Psychiatrist 2011
ALBERTINE Julie Comedian/One More Joke 2022
ALBIGNAC Roland Researcher and university professor in ecology and agronomy 2022
ALBRECHT Glenn Honorary Associate at the school of Geosciences, University of Sydney, and author of Earth Emotions" - visio" 2022
ALLARY Pierre Président de Multi Restauration Méditerranée 2015
ALLIX Stéphane Writer, film director, founder of INREES 2015
ALPHANDERY Claude Economist, honorary president France Active 2011
ALVAREZ PEREIRA Carlos Vice president of The Club of Rome 2022
AMEISEN Jean-Claude Doctor, professor of immunology, president of the National Consultative Committee of Ethics 2013
AMSELLEM Guy President, Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine 2013
ANDRE Christophe Psychiatrist 2011
ANSEMBOURG Thomas d' Author, psychotherapist 2013
ANTONI Marie-Louise Conseillère du Président, membre du Comité de Direction Générale chez Generali 2015
AOUIZERATE Cyril Philosopher, town planner, co-founder of Mama Shelter and M.O.B 2013
APFELDORFER Gérard Psychiatrist, psychotherapist on food issues 2011
ARDIF Street-artist 2022
ARNAUD Yann Director of Member Needs Responses and Innovation at MACIF 2022
ARTHUS-BERTRAND Yann Photographer and president of the GoodPlanet foundation 2022
ASSOUMANI Arnaud Committed athlete and ambassador of Paris 2024 2022
ATIEH Sabine Partner at Bain & Company, ENR (Energy & Natural Ressources) Practice 2022
ATTALI Jacques Writer, president of Positive Planet 2015
AUDOUZE Jean President of the French National Committee for the UNESCO 2013
AURIOL Léa d' Founder and Executive Director of Oceanic Global - visio 2022
AUTISSIER Isabelle President of WWF France, Skipper 2015
AVANZI Vincent Chief Poetic Officer, La Plume Du Futur 2022
AZOULAY Audrey Director General of UNESCO 2022
BABONNEAU Frédéric Full Professor of Business Analytics and Head of the Center of Excellence in Supply Chain at KEDGE Business School 2022
BANCEL Jean-Louis CEO Groupe Crédit Coopératif 2015
BAPST Guillaume Chairman, Association Nationale Des Epiceries Solidaires 2015
BARATON Alain Head Gardener of the Domaine national de Trianon and Grand parc of Versailles 2022
BARDEAU Frédéric Chairman and co-founder of 2015
BARDECHE Fabrice Vice-president Ionis Education Group 2013
BARDÈCHE Fabrice Vice-president IONIS Education Group 2015
BARGAIN Christine Director CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Groupe La Poste 2015
BARRA Muriel Producer 2022
BARRAU Aurélien Astrophysicist 2022
BARRE Philippe Initiator Project Darwin 2015
BARRIER Apolline Senior Product Manager at Hermès 2022
BARRIER Jean-Yves Architect 2007
BARROT Jacques Vice-President of the European Commission, EU transport commissioner 2007
BASCH Lucie Founder Too good to go 2022
BAULIEU Etienne-Emile Professor, doctor, endocrinologist, biochemist 2008
BAYLE Laurent Managing director, Cité de la musique 2013
BAZIN Benoit Chief Executive Officer Saint-Gobain Group 2022
BAZOT Alain President and Director of publications of UFC-Que Choisir 2022
BEAUNE Maryvonne Comedian/One More Joke 2022
BECCARIA Laurent Founder and director Les Arènes editions 2013
BEDIER Jérôme General Secretary, Carrefour Group 2013
BEDOS Frédérique Founder of the Projet Imagine, journalist 2015
BEGAUDEAU François Writer 2013
BELPOMME Dominique Oncologist, president of ARTAC 2005
BERGER Laurent General secretary of the French Labour Union CFDT 2013
BERGER Pierre Managing director, Eiffage 2011
BERGER Vincent Dean, Paris Diderot University 2013
BERGMANN Uwe Head of Sustainability Management, Henkel 2013
BERTHOLET Laetitia Head of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition Department at the Fondation de France 2022
BESSE Adrien Business Developer and Manager of ReWIND and Henri SELMER Paris 2022
BIERSTEKER Thijs Ecological Artist 2022
BITTOUN Stéphane Managing director My Major Company 2013
BLAISON Coline Co-founder of Cycle Up and Director of Studies and Consulting 2022
BLANC Olivier Managing director Sam Outillage 2015
BOEUF Gilles Biologist, former president of the National Museum of Natural History 2022
BOHLER Sébastien Doctor in neuroscience, editor-in-chief of the journal Cerveau & Psycho 2022
BOILLOT Laurent CEO of Hennessy and the Comité Colbert 2022
BOISSEAU Mathilde Vine and wine manager of Maison Hennessy 2022
BOMMELAER DE LEUSSE Constance Executive director of the McCourt Institute 2022
BONNET Anne-France Founder of Nuova Vista 2015
BONNIFET Fabrice Sustainable Development Director & QSE of the Bouygues Group and C3D President 2022
BONY Lionel Director of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute 2011
BORELLO Jean-Marc General Deputy, SOS Group 2011
BORLOO Jean-Louis Minister of the Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Planning 2008
BORREL Clément Global HR Project Manager of Boucheron 2022
BORRELL FIJO Marta Student and activist 2022
BOUROLLEAU Audrey Founder of HECTAR 2022
BOUVAIS Walter Co-founder and editorial director of Terra Eco 2015
BOUVIER Anne Head of the education, teaching and research department at the Fondation de France 2022
BRAHIC André Astrophysicist, professor at the Paris Diderot University and at CEA Saclay 2013
BREMANS Mick Managing director, Ecover 2008
BREUZARD Thomas Director of perma-company at norsys and Co-president of B Lab France (B Corp) 2022
BRIÉ Françoise Executive Director of the National Federation of Women's Solidarity 2022
BRUCH Gert-Peter Film Director, founder and president Planète Amazone 2015
BUCAILLE-LANREZAC Yann Founder of Cafés Joyeux 2022
BULCKAEN Léo Member of the Collective For an ecological awakening 2022
BÉDIER Jérôme Secrétaire Général et Directeur Général Délegué de Carrefour 2015
CALLEBAUT Vincent Architect 2015
CALMET Marine Jurist, President of the association Wild Legal 2022
CAMERON Christine Group Head of CRM of the RÉMY COINTREAU Group 2022
CANU Guillaume Partner in the « Transitions » practice of CMI Strategies 2022
CAPELLI Alexandre Group Environment Deputy Director of LVMH Group 2022
CAPELLI Jean-Christophe Co-founder and chairman of FriendsClear 2011
CAPITANI Jean-Paul Director Actes Sud editions 2013
CARLI Emmanuel Managing director of Epitech 2015
CARON Jean-François Mayor of Loos-en-Gohelle 2015
CASSEGRAIN Jean Longchamp President and Sustainable Development Commission of the Comité Colbert President 2022
CASTELLAN-POQUET Sabine Director of Investments Aéma Groupe and Director of Investments MACIF 2022
CASTRO Roland Architect and town planner 2013
CATIL Marjolaine Project Director of Hennessy 2022
CHABAL Sébastien Former rugby player, Chairman Chabal Sport Citoyen 2015
CHALENDAR Pierre-André de Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saint-Gobain Group 2022
CHAUSSENDE Jean-Louis President KPMG Foundation 2011
CHLOUS Frédérique Professor and anthropologist at the Musée de l'Homme 2022
CHÂTEL Tanguy Sociologist and co-founder of the Cercle Vulnérabilités et Société 2022
CLEMENT Gilles Landscape gardener 2011
CLOITRE Hélène Bifurcator and co-producer of Ruptures 2022
COCHET Yves Deputy 2007
COLAGRECO Mauro Chef and owner of the 3 star Michelin restaurant Le Mirazur in Menton 2022
COMTE-SPONVILLE André Philosopher 2015
CORNELIUS Robin Founder of Switcher, director of Product DNA 2015
COSNIER Mélanie Mayor of Souvigné sur Sarthe and Regional Councillor of Pays de la Loire 2022
COURET Adrien CEO of Aéma Groupe 2022
COURTIN-CLARINS Christian Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Group Clarins 2015
CREPET Agnès Head of Software Longevity & IT of Fairphone 2022
CRISTOFINI Romain Manager and founder of the Community of Enlightened Leaders 2022
CYRULNIK Boris Neuropsychiatrist, Director of teaching at Toulon University, Professor at Mons University 2022
DAGUES Amélie « LAISSE BÉTON » podcast host 2022
DARDAILLON Matthieu Founder of Ticket for change 2015
DAVEU Marie-Claire Director of Sustainable Development and Institutional Affairs of Kering 2022
DAVID Bruno Executive President of the National natural history Museum in Paris 2022
DAVID Vincent Responsible for external relations , Max Havelaar France 2005
DECORNOY Jean-Luc Chairman of the Board of KPMG 2008
DEDEYAN Stéphane Managing director delegate of Generali France 2015
DEFOORT LEVKOV Margot Operations Manager 2022
DELEVOYE Jean-Paul Former president of CESE 2015
DENIS Fabrice Managing Director of the new Building Differently division of Bouygues Bâtiment France 2022
DESBROSSES Philippe doctor in sciences of environment, expert for the European Commission 2011
DESCHAMPS Arnaud France Division President at Nespresso France 2015
DESNOËS Guillaume Co-founder of Alenvi 2022
DESVIGNE Michel Landscaper 2022
DEVILLE Damien Geographer and researcher at the CNRS 2022
DION Cyril Filmmaker, poet and environmental activist 2022
DISTINGUIN Stéphane Founder of Fabernovel 2015
DOGNETON Jean-Philippe Chief Executive Officer of Macif 2022
DRILLECH Marc Managing Director of IONIS Education Group 2008
DRON Dominique Chief engineer of Les Mines, former president of the interministerial mission of the greenhouse effect 2007
DRUON Emmanuel President of Pocheco 2015
DUEZ Emmanuelle Co-founder of Women'Up and The Boson Project 2015
DUFLO Sabine Psychologist 2022
DUFUMIER Marc Agricultural engineer and honorary professor at AgroParisTech 2022
DULIN Antoine Former National delegate of the Scouts and guides of France, member of the CESE 2015
DUPORTET Xavier CEO at Eligo Bioscience, President at Hello Tomorrow, MIT TR35 Innovator of the Year 2015
DUVERGER Eric Founder at Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat 2022
DUVOISIN Jean-Marc Chief Executive Officer Nespresso 2015
EDGI MASUZUMI Twyla K'ahsho Got'ine Guardian - working with leaders in her Dene community - Canada 2022
EPINAY Bénédicte President & CEO of Comité Colbert 2022
ERAUD Dominique doctor, acupuncturist 2008
ETCHEBEHERE Vincent VP Sustainability and new mobilities at Air France 2022
ETIENNE Jean-Louis Doctor, explorer and writer 2022
EVELEENS Anne Marieke Co-Founder of The Great Bubble Barrier 2022
EVEN Marie Deputy General Manager in charge of the General Secretariat of CDiscount 2022
EWALD François Professor at CNAM 2005
FABER Emmanuel Deputy General Manager, Danone Group 2011
FACCINI Piers Painter, folk singer and composer 2022
FERGOT Sylvain Comedian / One More Joke 2022
FERONE Geneviève Director of Sustainable Development of the Veolia Environment Group, vice-president of The Shift Project 2013
FERRARI Romain Managing director Serge Ferrari Group, President Foundation 2019 2015
FERRY Luc Philosopher 2008
FIFILS Muriel Founder and director of the Caminando school 2022
FLEURY-PERKINS Cynthia Philosopher, psychoanalyst and professor 2022
FLEURY Cynthia Philosopher 2015
FLIPO Bérénice Talent Acceleration Manager of Chanel 2022
FOFANA Halimata Writer and author 2022
FONTENOY Maud Sailor, Vice-chairwoman of the Conservatoire du Littoral 2011
FOTTORINO Eric Journalist, writer, founder of le 1 newspaper 2015
FOUCAULT Jean-Yves Président du groupe coopératif agricole international Limagrain, agriculteur-éleveur 2015
FOUREST Caroline Writer, journalist 2011
FOURNIER Véronique Cardiologist and public health physician, founder of the National Council on Aging 2022
FOURQUET Jérôme Director of the Opinion Department at IFOP 2022
FRADIN Jacques Scientific Director of the Institute of Environmental Medicine and President of GIECO 2022
FRYDMAN René Head of the gynaecology-obstetrics service at the Foch Hospital 2013
GABEIRA Maya Big wave surfer, World Record holder and UNESCO champion of the ocean and youth 2022
GACHONS Benjamin des Director, France 2015
GALIO Pierre Head of the Responsible Consumption Department of ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition 2022
GANASCIA Jean-Gabriel Professor at the Faculty of Science of Sorbonne University and researcher at LIP6 2022
GARCIA Orianne Founder of Caramail and co-founder of Terra Femina 2008
GAUDIN Thierry Mining engineer, President of Prospective 2100 2008
GAVOILLE Alice Project manager for ecological engineering in the marine environment at Seaboost 2022
GENEREUX Jacques Professor at Sciences Po, economist 2013
GENIN Hélène Technical Director of Château Latour 2022
GEORGE Susan Writer, Chairman of the Board of the Transnational Institute, honorary president of ATTAC 2011
GERBAUD Thomas Data scientist and general manager of AltGR 2022
GERMAIN Laurent CEO of EGIS 2022
GERMA Philippe Managing director WWF in France 2013
GETZ Isaac Doctor in psychology, professor at ESCP Europe 2015
GIAVARINI Frédérique CEO of Nature & Découvertes 2022
GIRALDO MORENO Carlos Mario General Manager of Grupo Éxito 2022
GIRAUD Isabelle Ocean Academy Act to Protect" Program Manager" 2022
GOBÉ Jérémy Visual artist, founder and CEO of the Corail Artefact project 2022
GODET Michel Economist, professor at « Conservatoire national des arts et métiers » 2011
GODONOU Alain 2011
GOLL Anne-Fleur Senior Climate Consultant at Deloitte 2022
GONNORD Grégoire Chairman of Fleury Michon 2015
GOODALL Dr. Jane DBE - Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace - visio 2022
GOSSET Arthur Bifurcator and director of Ruptures 2022
GOSSET Clémence Director Of Corporate Responsability Consumer Information chez L'Oréalof the L'Oréal Group 2022
GOUX Jean-Pierre Writer, president of OneHome and the Institute of Desirable Futures 2022
GOYON Justine Déclics Jeunes 2019 Laureate 2022
GRAISSE Jean-Jacques Deputy executive director of the World Food Program 2005
GRANDJEAN Dominique Veterinary doctor, doctor in nutrition and biochemistry 2022
GRIMBERT Philippe Writer, psychoanalycist 2015
GROSSET Matthieu Managing director of Juratri 2015
GRUFFAT Claude President of Biocoop 2015
GSCHWIND Michel Chairman Areco 2015
GUASTAVI Raphaël Deputy Director of the Circular Economy Department of ADEME 2022
GUERRE Olivier de President of PHITRUST 2022
GUILLOT Apolline Head of column at Philonomist 2022
GUILLUY Thibault Managing Director ARES 2015
HAAS Patrick Chairman and CEO of BP France 2008
HACHE Emmanuel Economist-Prospector at IFP Énergies nouvelles and Research Director at the Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS) 2022
HADDAD Georges Director of UNESCO’s Division of Higher Education 2013
HALLÉ Francis Explorer and biologist 2022
HASCOËT Guy Former Secretary of state on social and solidarity economy 2015
HAZAN John Partner at Bain & Company and head of the Talent Solution for Europe 2022
HAZIZA Emma Hydrologist 2022
HEFEZ Serge Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, in charge of the family therapy’s unit in the psychiatric department for children and teenagers at the hospital of Pitié-Salpêtrière of Paris 2013
HEMMERLÉ Louise Producer of the podcast Un jour la terre s'ouvre"" 2022
HENCKEL Jean-Guy National director of Réseau Cocagne 2011
HERITIER Françoise Anthropologist, professor emeritus at the Collège de France 2013
HERMÉ Pierre Pastry chef and chocolate maker 2022
HERNÁNDEZ MÁRQUEZ Guadalupe Yesenia Expert of the UNESCO Earth Network 2022
HERVE-GRUYER Perrine Founder of a biological Farm in Bec Hellouin 2011
HERVÉ-GRUYER Charles 2015
HERVÉ-GRUYER Perrine Founder of the Bec Hellouin Organic Farm 2022
HERVÉ Emmanuel Chairman, Hervé Group 2015
HESSEL Stéphane Writer, diplomat 2011
HIMA Ben Khalid Head of CSR Projects and Engagement Department KPMG France 2022
HULOT Nicolas Président de la Fondation pour la Nature et l'Homme, Envoyé spécial pour la protection de la planète 2015
HUSSON-TRAORE Anne-Catherine Managing Director Novethic 2015
HUSTING Pascal 2008
JACQUARD Albert Geneticist 2008
JACQUET Luc Film director 2013
JADOT Yannick European Deputy 2015
JAL Tumursukh Director of the protected area Red Taiga", belongs to the Darhat community - Mongolia" 2022
JANSSEN Thierry Founder of the Ecole de la Présence thérapeutique, psychotherapist 2015
JAUROYON Martine Director of Sustainable Development, Innovation and Technical Excellence of Egis and member of Comex 2022
JOUANNO Chantal Chairwoman of ADEME 2008
JOUIN Isabelle President of the French Field Hockey Federation 2022
JOURDAIN Roland Skipper, creator of Explore Funds 2015
JR Artist, photographer 2011
JUILLIARD Jean-Christophe Directeur Général Adjoint du groupe coopératif agricole international Limagrain 2015
JUL Author of comic strip, cartoonist 2013
JULIA Luc Co-creator of Siri, Chief Scientific Officer for Renault - visio 2022
JULIEN Eric Geographer 2022
JULLIARD Jean-François General Director of Greenpeace France 2022
JUPPE Alain Former Prime Minister, Mayor of Bordeaux 2007
KAHN Axel Geneticist, President of Université Paris Descartes 2008
KAPLAN Daniel Founder and CEO of FING 2011
KARECKI Joël Chairman of Philips France 2011
KAUFMANN Jean-Claude Sociologist, Research director, French Centre for Scientific Research 2013
KEBE Fatoumata PhD in astronomy at Observatoire de Paris 2015
KEN David Photographer, president LOL Project Foundation 2013
KEPANGA Mundiya Chief of the Huli tribe and primary forest advocate of international stature - Papua 2022
KIEKEN Hubert Climate Director of the EGIS Group 2022
KLEIN Etienne Physicist, research director at CEA and philosopher 2022
KLOBOUKOFF Charles Founder and chaiman of Léa Nature 2015
KOCHER DE LEYRITZ Isabelle Blunomy CEO 2022
KOLB Christine Co-founder of Sycomore AM and chairman of the Fondation Sycomore 2022
KORAICHI Rachid Artist, painter 2013
KOSCIUSKO-MORIZET Nathalie Ancienne Ministre de l’Environnement, Vice-présidente déléguée des Républicains 2015
KUMA Kengo Architect - visio 2022
LAAGE Sasha de Founder of Relais Jeunes and environmental activist 2022
LABONNE Mathieu President and General Manager of the Oasis Cooperative 2022
LACROIX Alexandre Editorial Director of Philosophie magazine 2022
LACROIX Michel Philosopher 2011
LADJALI Cécile Associate Professor of Letters, writer and head of the Baudelaire Program at the Robert de Sorbon Foundation 2022
LAIBICH Rebecca UNESCO mab youth spokesperson (AfriMAB network) 2022
LAMBERT Christiane FNSEA president 2022
LAMB Harriet CEO of International Alert 2015
LA MOUREYRE Hélène de Founder of Bilum 2015
LARROUTUROU Pierre Economist, founder of the political party New Deal 2015
LAUREAU Xavier Managing director, Fermes de Gally 2015
LAURENT Mélanie Actor, film-director 2015
LAVAUD Gaël CEO of Gazelle Tech 2022
LAVILLE Elisabeth Experte de la responsabilité sociale et environnementale de l'entreprise, Fondatrice de Utopies 2015
LAZARO Inès International Digital Manager de Hennessy 2022
LECHEVIN Bruno President of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency 2015
LECOMTE Tristan Founder of Alter Eco and Pur Projet 2015
LECONTE Christine President of the French National Order of Architects 2022
LECOURT Dominique Philosopher, Director of the Centre Georges Canguilhem, Université Paris 7-Denis Diderot 2008
LE DUIGOU Jean-Christophe 2008
LEFRANC Jean-Pierre Financial director of la Fondation de France 2015
LEGAULT Thierry Director of the quality department of Carrefour 2005
LEHOUCQ Roland Astrophysicist with the CEA 2007
LEJEUNE Yannick Internet director, IONIS Education Group 2013
LEMAIRE Axelle State Secretary in charge of the Digital Economy 2015
LE MAIRE Bruno French Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries 2011
LEMAISTRE Dominique Sponsorship Director, Fondation de France 2015
LEMARCHAND Antoine Chairman, Nature & Découvertes 2015
LEMARCHAND François 2013
LEPAGE Corinne President of Rassemblement Citoyen-Cap21, lawyer 2015
LEROY Marie Climate and Environment Specialist of CARE France 2022
LESCANNE Michel CEO of Nutriset 2011
LESIEUR Michèle 2013
LHERITIER Jean President of Slow Food France 2005
LIAUTAUD Parker Polar explorer and climate change campaigner 2015
LOGERAIS Vanessa Founder and CEO of Parangone 2022
LOISEAU Nathalie Dean , ENA 2015
LOMBARD Eric CEO Generali 2015
LONGPRÉ Mélina Sustainable Development Coordinator for the Bouygues Group 2022
LORENZI Jean-Hervé Chairman Cercle des économistes 2013
LOUETTE Pierre President and CEO of Les Echos-Le Parisien Group 2022
LUCAS Tristan Comedian/One More Joke 2022
LUSSIER-SEGUIN Maya Documentary filmmaker 2022
LUYCKX GHISI Marc Vice-president of the « Conseil Consultatif International d'Auroville » 2011
LÉVY Jean-Bernard CEO EDF 2015
M'SA Sakina Fashion designer 2015
MAAZI Yanis Déclics Jeunes 2022 Laureate 2022
MADEC Philippe Architect, urban planner and author 2022
MAESTRONI Myriam Founder Economie d'énergie 2015
MAFFESOLI Michel Professor at the Sorbonne, Director of the Centre for Studies of Contemporary and Everyday Life 2011
MAGNAN Alexandre Researcher at IDDRI and author of the IPCC (2016-2022) 2022
MAHÉ Anthony Sociologist and Director of Knowledge at Eranos 2022
MAIRE Sébastien General Delegate of France Ville Durable 2022
MARCEL Mélanie Co-founder of SoScience 2015
MARTY François President of Chênelet 2015
MARÉCHAL Iris Founder and president of the National Observatory for Sexual Violences and Sexim in Higher Education 2022
MASSON-DELMOTTE Valérie Engineer at CEA 2007
MATHURIN Certe Artist, writer and producer 2022
MAUREL Oriane PR Monitoring Officer at Van Cleef & Arpels 2022
MAZIERES François de President of « Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine », Mayor of Versailles 2011
MAZIÈRES François de Mayor of Versailles and President of the Versailles Grand Parc agglomeration 2022
MAZZELLA Frédéric Founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar 2015
MELLIER Claire Co-Founder of the Global Assembly 2022
MELOTO Antonio Chairman and founder of Gawad Kalinga 2015
MERMET Gérard Sociologist, economist, director of Francoscopies 2007
MESTRALLET Gérard CEO of Suez 2007
MICHELY Patrick Ocean Watcher" at Longitude 181" 2022
MIRIBEL Benoît Managing director of "Action against hunger" 2005
MOISAN François Executive Director of Strategy and Research and Scientific Director of ADEME 2015
MOLINIE Eric Chairman of the HALDE (The High Authority for the Struggle Against Discrimination and for Equality) 2011
MONCOND'HUY Léonore Poitiers mayor 2022
MONGIN Pierre CEO of RATP 2011
MONSIEUR Nô Inventor of Enfantastic songs 2022
MOREAU Anne-Sophie Editor in Chief at Philonomist 2022
MORIN-EITNER Chris Artist-photographer and architect 2022
MOUNIER Bernard Chairman of Bouygues Immobilier 2022
MOUROT Arnaud Managing director, Ashoka France 2011
MOUSSAVOU Hilarion Kassa Shaman, traditional chief belonging to the Punu community and medicine man" - Gabon" 2022
MULLER Catherine President UNEP 2015
MUNOZ Joaquin Director of Max Havelaar 2008
MÉTRO Nicolas Founder and CEO of Kinomé 2022
NAHON Claude Director for sustainable development, EDF Group 2011
NAHUM Bertin CEO Medtech 2013
NANS ET MOUTS Co-directors of the documentary films Nus et culottés"" 2022
NAVAILLES Alexandre de General Manager of KEDGE Business School 2022
NICOLAS Philippe Teacher, researcher and founder of the Cap au Nord project 2022
NICOL Sylvie Managing director, Beauty Care, Henkel 2013
NIELSEN Dorethe Vice President Corporate Environmental Strategy of Novo Nordisk 2022
NOLLET Alexis Co-founder of Ulterïa 2022
NORMANT Emmanuel Vice President Sustainable Development of Saint-Gobain 2022
NOTAT Nicole Chairwoman of Vigeo 2015
NOVEL Anne-Sophie Journalist 2022
NOWAK Maria Chairwoman of the Association pour le Droit à l'Initiative Economique (ADIE – micro-finance nonprofit) 2008
NUKU George Maori artist 2015
NYSSEN Françoise Former Minister of Culture 2022
OLOFSSON Lars CEO, Carrefour 2011
OOSTEREN Stein van Attaché at the Dutch Permanent Delegation to UNESCO and Spokesperson of the Greater Paris Bicycle Federation 2022
ORRU Serge Managing general WWF France 2008
OSE Clément Author 2022
OURAHMOUNE Sarah Vice Olympic Champion of boxing 2022
PACCALET Yves Writer, philosopher and naturalist 2008
PAJOT Clémence Executive Director of the FNCIDFF (Fédération Nationale des Centres d'Information sur les Droits des Femmes et des Familles) 2022
PALT Alexandra Executive Director of CSR of L'Oréal and Executive Director of the L'Oréal Foundation 2022
PALTI Raphaël Chairman of Altavia 2008
PAPPALARDO Michèle General commissioner for sustainable development 2008
PARISOT Laurence 2011
PARMENTIER Bruno Economist, agricultor, author 2015
PARRIQUE Timothée Doctor in economics, researcher in ecological economics at the School of Economics of Lund University 2022
PASQUET Louise Co-founder of « 0 Mégot » 2022
PECH Thierry Executive Director of Terra Nova 2022
PEDINI Claire Executive Vice President, Human Resources and CSR of Saint-Gobain 2022
PELOUZET Pierre Mediator for business-to-business relationship 2015
PELTIER Jérémie Director General of the Jean Jaurès Foundation 2022
PELT Jean-Marie President of the European Institute of Ecology 2005
PENEL Yohan President of the French Badminton Federation and partner at Time for the Planet 2022
PERRAULT Philippe Chairman of Macif 2022
PERTHUIS Christian de Professor of Economics at Paris-Dauphine University, head Head of the Climate Economics Chair 2015
PETREAULT Claire Creator and President of Pépites Vertes 2022
PETRINI Carlo Founder of Slow Food 2011
PIATTO GARCIA Marina Executive Director of IMAFLORA 2022
PICCARD Bertrand Serial explorer, psychiatrist and ambassador for clean technologies 2022
PICQ Pascal Paleoanthropologist, Collège de France 2011
PIEDELIEVRE Frank Chairman of the Board, Bureau Veritas 2008
PINAULT François-Henri CEO, PPR 2011
PIOLLE Eric Mayor of Grenoble 2015
PITRON Guillaume Journalist, director, and author of Digital Hell"" 2022
PIYAKO Benki Creator of the Yoranka Tasorentsi Center, recognized leader of the Ashaninka people - Brazil 2022
POMPILI Barbara Member of Parliament for the 2nd constituency of the Somme and former Minister for Ecological Transition 2022
PONS Nelly Author, lecturer and author of Océan plastique"" 2022
PREVOT Henri Mining engineer 2007
PRIETO Angel Engineer of le corps des mines, member of Réveil écologique 2022
PROGLIO Henri CEO, Véolia Environment 2007
PÉLISSIER François President Chamber of commerce and industry of Meurthe-et-Moselle 2015
RABHI Pierre Chairman of non-profit organisation Terre et Humanisme, writer, philosopher 2011
RADANNE Pierre International expert on energy issues 2007
RADJOU Navi Expert in innovation and leadership 2022
RAGUET Valentin Senior decorative objects product manager of Baccarat 2022
RAMANANTSOA Bernard Dean, HEC 2008
RAONI METUKTIRE Cacique Kayapo Chief 2015
RAQUET Bertrand President of the INSA Group and Director of INSA Toulouse 2022
RASTOIN Natalie Managing director Ogilvy France 2013
REBAUDIERES Axel Director General of KPMG France 2022
RENOUARD Cécile Religious sister, Philosopher, Co-founder and president of the Transition Campus 2022
REYES GARCIA Victoria Research Professor at the Institut of Environmental Science and Technology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Chair of UNESCO Earth Network scientific committee 2022
REZA Photographer 2015
RIAL Jean-François CEO, groupe Voyageurs du Monde 2015
RIBES Bérengère Global Events Manager of Boucheron 2022
RIBOUD Frank CEO Danone 2005
RICARD Jean-Michel Co-founder and managing director, Siel Bleu 2015
RICARD Matthieu Writer, Buddhist monk 2013
RICHÉ Matthieu CSR Director of the Groupe Casino 2022
RIO Philippe Mayor of Grigny 2022
ROBIN Claude-Yves 2008
ROCHE Thierry Architect, town planner 2015
ROELLINGER Olivier Starred chef in Cancale 2022
ROSNAY Joël de Advisor to the President of Universcience, President of Biotics International 2015
ROSTOLAN Maxime de Founder of Blue Bees 2015
ROUER Maximilien Chairman, partner and co-founder of BeCitizen, positive economy consultant 2008
ROUILLAY François Coordinator of the Incredible Edible movement in France 2013
ROUSSAT Olivier Chief Executive Officer of the Bouygues Group 2022
ROUSSEL Stéphane Chief Operating Officer Member of the Management Board of Vivendi 2015
ROUVILLOIS Samuel Priest, philosopher 2015
ROUX DE BEZIEUX Geoffroy 2013
RUFFENACH Pascal CEO of the Bayard Group 2022
RUFFIN Laurence President Alma 2015
RUFIN Jean-Christophe French Ambassador to Senegal 2008
RUFO Marcel Child psychiatrist 2005
SADIRAC Nicolas Director of EPITECH (IT and new technologies School) 2008
SAINT SAUVEUR Muriel de Mazars Goup Diversity director 2013
SAINT SIMON Arnaud de President, Groupe Psychologies 2015
SALGADO Sebastião Co-founder of Instituto Terra and photographer 2022
SALOMON Thierry Founder and Vice President of the négaWatt association 2022
SAMMUT Nadia Chef and owner of La Fenière in Cadenet, Luberon 2022
SANTOUL Jean-Baptiste Managing Director Laundry & Home Care HENKEL FRANCE 2015
SARANO François Oceanographer and diver 2022
SCHEIFF Marion Director of Collections and Women's Handbags Business Development at Hermès and co-founder of Les Collectifs 2022
SCHERER Eric Director of the prospective, the digital strategy and the international relations linked to the new media of France Télévisions 2013
SCHLITZ Sarah Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity at the Belgian Federal Government 2022
SCHUTTER Olivier de UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and extreme poverty 2022
SCHWEITZER Louis LFDA President - Fondation Droit Animal, Ethique et Sciences 2022
SCOTTO Eric Founder et CEO of Akuo 2022
SEGRESTIN Blanche Professor at Mines ParisTech 2015
SELLAL Pierre Fondation de France President 2022
SELOSSE Marc-André Professor at the Paris Museum national d’Histoire naturelle 2022
SEMPELS Christophe Co-founder and CEO of LUMIA 2022
SENIZERGUES Pierre-André CEO of Etnies and of Sole Technology 2011
SERRA Jessica Ethologist, author and collection director 2022
SERVAN-SCHREIBER David Doctor 2005
SERVAN-SCHREIBER Jean-Louis Journalist, essayist, Director of the magazine "Psychologies" 2008
SEYNES Guillaume de Managing Director of Hermès International 2022
SHIVA Vandana Co-founder of the anti-globalization movement, doctor in quantum physics and in philosophy 2015
SIBILLE Bastien Chairman of Mobicoop 2022
SIBILLE Hugues President of the Crédit Coopératif Foundation 2015
SIMAY Philippe Philosopher 2022
SIMON LE BOURGEOIS Marine Chief Transformation Officer of Lancôme 2022
SIMON Laurent Research Professor in Artificial Intelligence at Bordeaux INP and Bordeaux University 2022
SINAI Agnès Director of the Momentum Institute and professor at Sciences Po 2022
SOMBRUN Corine Writer 2015
SOMERS Carry Founder of Fashion Revolution and of Pachacuti 2015
SON Bert van CEO of MUD Jeans 2015
SOST Caroline Director and founder of the Living School 2011
SPANÒ Nunziacarla UNESCO Scientific Committee environmental expert 2022
STAUNE Jean 2008
STEPS FOR A CHANGE Steps For A Change danse company 2022
STERN Nathan Sociologist, founder of Peuplade 2008
STORA Michaël Psychologist, president of the Observatory of the digital worlds in human sciences (OMNSH) 2013
SULEIMAN Ezra Professor of Political Sciences, Princeton University 2008
SWIDERSKI Bertrand ‎CSR Director, Group Carrefour 2015
SY Hapsatou Founder of beauty salons Ethnicia, business manager and TV columnist 2013
SYLLA Moussa Déclics Jeunes 2020 Laureate 2022
SÉNÉQUIER Anne Medical specialist and researcher in geopolitics at IRIS 2022
TADDEI François Director and founder of the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) 2015
TA Mai-Thi UNESCO consultant and PhD student CIRED AgroParisTech 2022
TERRIEN Denis Managing director 3 Suisses International 2013
TESSON Sylvain Adventurer 2011
THUILLIER Thierry Deputy Chief Information Officer TF1 Group 2022
THYS Dominique Delegated Administrator to the General direction of MAIF 2011
TICHIT Etienne Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Novo Nordisk France 2022
TILLON Laurent Head of Biodiversity at the National Forestry Commission 2022
TILLOUS-BORDE Philippe Ingénieur en agronomie, président de la Fondation Avril 2015
TOSCANI Oliviero Artist, photographer 2011
TOUSSAINT Frédéric Directeur de la Communication et des Partenariats institutionnels du Groupe Crédit Coopératif 2015
TOUZAINT Julien Producer at KESTU 2022
TRELLU-KANE Marie Executive president of Unis-Cité, expert associated Institute of the Social Entrepreneurship of the ESSEC 2015
TRONCHON Joël Director of Sustainable Development of Seb Group, director of the Seb Foundation 2015
TYL Lolita Student of the Vignerons du vivant" training followed during the film" 2022
VALENTE Sarah Visual artist and founder of the Greenline Foundation 2022
VALENTIN Pierre Président du Directoire d’Ecofi Investissements 2015
VALLAUD-BELKACEM Najat France Director of the ONE NGO 2022
VALLET Odon Writer, professor of Religions at the Sorbonne 2015
VAN DE WALLE Laëtitia Founder of Lamazuna 2022
VANHÉE Laurence Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happyformance 2015
VARIN Benoît Cofounder of Recommerce Solutions and of RCube 2015
VAUDANO Julia Product Manager of the Faïencerie de Gien 2022
VERDIANI Antonella President of the Printemps de l'éducation 2015
VERGNE Aude Corporate social responsibility Director of Chloé 2022
VERGNES Jade Dancer, photographer and founder of the Collectif Minuit 12 2022
VERKAEREN Carlos Chairman, Group Poult 2015
VERMOT DESROCHES Gilles Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship & Institutional Affairs at Schneider Electric 2022
VIARD Jean Senior CNRS researcher with CEVIPOF, Sciences-Po political research centre 2008
VIARD Karin Actress, Producer and Writer 2022
VIGUIER Jean-Paul Architect 2011
VILGRAIN Eléonore Strategy and Sustainability Manager of Novo Nordisk 2022
VILLIERS Matthieu Editorial Director of Science & Vie 2015
VITALE Sarah Member of the Lycées en transition organisation 2022
VIVERET Patrick Philosopher 2015
VORREUX Clémence Project Manager of The Shift Project 2022
WALLET Ludovic Head of culture at Château Lagrange 2022
WARGON Emmanuelle Directrice générale affaires publiques et communication chez Danone 2015
WARSHAUER William CEO Technoserve 2015
WOLTON Dominique Sociologist 2011
YANOPOULOS Jeanne Co-director of Yes We Camp 2022
YUNUS Muhammad Economist, theorist of the microcredit, Nobel Peace Prize 2006 2013
ZEITOUN Allon CEO of Naturalia 2022
ZEITZ Jochen CEO, chairman of the Board of Puma 2011
Speaker Function
Position held at the time of their last attendance

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